Cerulean Spork
some of the things from skyfall that guillermo threw into the cauldron of poetry

— the blue reflective windowglass walls of the MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE assassination by way of THE MATRIX shoutout sequence , which is mirrored 3x in PACIFIC RIM ,

     1) in the blue lit atmosphere framed w scrolling white letters & numerals of LOCCENT fishbowl scns
     2) the glowing blue of the kaiju , bc the duel is framed by huge bioluminescent jellyfish LOL SOURCE OF HD STOCK OCEAN IMAGERY HERE (x)
     3) the part of the battle of HK w the stalking thru the office buildings & shots from inside the shattered facade

— all the underground scns which were

     1) not in the original PACIFIC RIM script
     2) not direct mirrors of the Tube shots in VENDETTA

but which ARE direct mirrors of

     1) the Tube scenes in SKYFALL
     2) the komodo dragon pit in SKYFALL

& whywhywhy a komodo dragon pit rigged up to look like a sort of temple under a casino ??? ans - check all that apply
__ komodo dragons are kewl !!!
__ TRADITION there must be a shark pit / alligator pit / piranha tank &c in a 007 movie -& komodo dragons are kewl
__ bc we made this movie out of bits & pieces of other movies not just past 007 movies but all kinds of other action adventure movies incl ROTJ & RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK

that was the kicker for me - i know 007 movies are very much part ofthe give-take of the cinema zeitgeist but i just kept getting gobsmacked by how blatant the pastiche was — the glass cage that silva the treacherous mastermind is kept in ? CALLOUT TO MARVEL CU SO OBV NOT EVEN TRYING 2 CONCEAL- AVENGERS & X-MEN BOTH

now it WAS exquisitely beautifully filmed - tho not as much so as the previous two which took the time to appreciate the beauty of the location shots - i give it all that & i did appreciate the vermeer style & general dutch masters use of lighting esp in the scotland bastion prep shots

but it was like they tried to cover the threadbareness of plot & invention - esp in comparison to QUANTUM OF SOLACE which was original & complex & hung together like a well made fishing net , for a bond movie . it felt like a le carre film instead which was why i liked it so much & nobody else did - w explosions & sfx ALTHO NOT AS BAD AS MICHAEL BAY still much more like a michael bay movie than the first two daniel craig films ( CASINO ROYALE felt like an updated hitchcock movie , the way RONIN did back in the 90s )

and more like a michael bay movie than like classic bond either NO THAT WASNT A NICE THING TO SAY BUT ITS TRUE i just couldnt focus anymore during the final fight scn when they brought the helicopter up to the house like something out of a rambo movie or a schwarzenegger film

it had turned into an amusement park ride

or a video game trailer

not the ttly terrifying & claustrophobic suspense of the burning fortress in SOLACE

i was waiting for barrels to start rolling down ramps



ok gonna hafta do research

bc i am entertaining a terrible terrible suspicion that SKYFALL was not made srsly @ all

that it was less srs in fact than AUSTIN POWERS or GET SMART or THE PINK PANTHER

that it was as much a punking of hollywood / fanboy audiences / the brotherhood of the fedora as HELLBOY 2 -  u want more srs , consequential & cerebral bond movies , & then we give u them & all u do is complain & whine that theyre dark & confusing & u want the old “fun” bond back

so here u go


bc either they did that or the same creative team that made an increasingly serious & self critical political thriller series featuring a superhero who nonetheless doubts & shows his scars & human weakness —suddenly lost it all and wo any self awareness made an unironic rah-rah imperium story w a newly callous & unreflective protag

i am not entirely sure of this hypothesis but i am inclining more 2 it the more i think abt it

bc ok the drinking w scorpion scn ?? a direct mirror / callback to RAIDERS & dr ravenwoods intro

fight onna train RETRO STAPLE OF ACTION ADVENTURE SPY MOVIES SINCE SILENT ERA (x) incl oc multiple 007 movies (x - TV Tropes alert) but also IJ & LAST CRUSADE

( SKYFALL train fight was ALSO practical effects plus cgi btw - x ! ! )

& there is the very odd thing that HELLBOY 2 is simultaneously a satire on multiple genre tropes incl uncritical pulp / retro w specific callouts of the IJ movies

but also esp & climactically THE MUMMY 3 - from which daniel craigs wife rachel weisz pulled out bc she was so fiercely opposed 2 what they were doing w her chara & the plot

& then there is the strangeness of both SKYFALL & HELLBOY 2 featuring stag kings ( ! ! ! )

but esp the almost identical framing of the “take the ( bloody) shot!” scn in HELLBOY 2 & SKYFALL

& then there is the way that SKYFALL has the same core plot of HELLBOY 2 which has the same “twinning / mirroring sibling rivalry / parental betrayal / true heir & rebellion” themes as BLADE 2

only w a happier ending

but SKYFALL is BLADE 2 wo the shipwrecked crew of rivals to destabilize the dynamic

SKYFALL is BLADE 2 w no foreign prince whose fathers eyes were pearls sea-changed come to shift the balance for mirandas soul

no outsider ariel to break up the pattern on prosperos island kingdom

only the cold ruler & the favored ( yet expendable ) younger heir , the failed elder brother ( both senses) betrayed & cast off & returning orestes-like for revenge - & the sweetest revenge being to steal the favorites loyalty or @ least power & the loyal minions who may disapprove but still obey the pale prince to the bitter end


i dont think any of this is coincidence

i dont think it is accident now as i write this out

any more than the invocations of MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE w the macguffin assassination & the reminder of the RED QUEEN in that earlier film & WHAT THAT SAYS ABT SKYFALL FROM BOTH DOYLIST & WATSONIAN PERSPECTIVES IDEK but it is def in le carre land now & as one of smileys people myself i will have to puzzle it out

but mainly i think that something very sneaky is going on w an english shakespearean director makin a bond film that is all abt year kings & child sacrifice & tanists & mirrors AND EMPIRE RESTORED THAT IN ITS VERY NAME INVOKES THE CELTIC DOOM MADE WORLD FAMOUS BY A COMIC BOOK

yeah ASTERIX SHOUTOUT HEL YEAH felicitous typo that stays in

when the implication is super strong that BOND IS IMMORTAL UNKILLABLE & AN ETERNAL CHAMPION in the film text & visuals alike

and ALAN MOORE MADE HOUSE BOND INTO COMIC BOOK CHARAS IN LOEG ie brought the 007 mythos into the meta comic universe

& del toro caught them in the prisms of his kaleidescope

but im not sure if mendez was angling his own mirrors that way on purpose along w craig & his old friend & comrade dench

but im suspectin it ever more

& if so then that repeated line “THE OLD WAYS ARE BEST” a line SAID BY A WOC isnt just deliberate thumb-biting ironic mocking of fedorahood fandom

its a clue

& its abt jesters & fools & the whole ancient metaphysics of mirrors as reflectors of reality - sometimes lethal , sometimes trapping , always revelatory—

idk how deep this rabbit hole goes

but M is both white queen & red

& britannia & thus the embodiment of (declined ) empire in the story

& the reset button has been hit

& bond - renewed ! ! ! - returns to the fold to continue the cycle of remorseless & uncritical butchery in the service of said empire

& the title is SKYFALL aka CELTIC APOCALYPSE but invocations of lions & stags = NOT JUST BRITAIN BUT BARATHEON THESE LAST 18 YRS cannot b avoided

any more than WILD HUNT IMAGERY

& image after image is flipped in PR


& this is only iceberg tip of visual -thematic similarities i have spotted on 1 watching & a lot of thinking abt it over the course of a long couple days work

& im not saying that mendes & co were deliberately linking into del toros great chain monomyth when they framed scn after scn & relationship after relationship to mirror so closely things in the visual & narrative iconography of his stories

when they set up this latest 007 story to have not just a “reprehensible ” moral but to play out a tale of sovereign sacrifice & winter kings

with vastly mythopoeic aspects to it all

but also archly ironic & self aware ones


so many coincidences & congruent points w the legends of house damaskinos & those who would make new edens or remake old ones

but mainly i suspect that this is a cryptic remake ( tho not so much a fixfic - tho even that , a little , w r t DEVILS BACKBONE ) & deliberate homage on the part of mendes & co - & thus a passing of a baton in relay rather than a hostile serve on the tennis court —bc tennyson




it is not the tennyson that abe sapien quoted in H2 which was the tennyson that dr casares quoted to his icy red queen carmen even earlier in the story cycle

but it is relevant all the same



aka the original NEMO

& i no longer believe that SKYFALLs creative team wasnt fully aware of alan moores fucking w their mythos & that they didnt pull in scotland & THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE in a combined defiance to that cynicism & the breathless uncritical reactionism of the order of the golden fedora

( there was opera in QUANTUM OF SOLACE too (x) — a radical musical abt political tyranny working hand-in-glove w corrupted state religion & resistance movements failing bc of jealousy & deception & distrust among those who shld have been allies BUT ALSO BETRAYED BY HISTORY & SUPERPOWERS trusting napoleon to keep his promises & I KNEW TOSCA HAD TO BE TIED INTO IT SOMEHOW BC IT WAS FITTING ON MULTIPLE LEVELS - BUT I CLDNT SEE LOGICALLY HOW TO DO SO ASDFJKL; RETCON ! ! !  )

was it done knowingly & in consultation , or just felicitous alignment ? IDK  , just like idk for 100 per if we were really meant to see M as lord damaskinos & mallory as her dutiful karel - or as Carmen I , in this ‘verse surviving her idealist poetic lover/s , no less ruthless in the defense of her territory BUT @ least not seducing / allowing herself to be seduced by her subordinates-charges - ORPHANS EASIEST TO RECRUIT AHEM

but SKYFALL did also bring disney overtly into the “movies & myths & legends referenced” SPECIFICALLY LION KING which fits the theme of a story of british empire & also brought englands civil wars of religion AND ireland & the troubles 

which last is kind of inevitable just like the malvinas / falklands war IF yr gonna write abt modern britain as a world political entity which is how i also ended up there in HS - but this is also a bringing in , cryptically , of elizabeth i —who invaded ireland & went to war against the spanish empire on covert & deniable fronts as well as the overt , notably via sir francis drake ie DRAGON & his ship the GOLDEN HIND not a long leap @ all to stag kings there rly

but then there is the whole pointing up that bond is stabbed & shot & drowned & still survives OR DOES HE ?? its really iffy & THE TEXT SUGGESTS IT if u take it as possible HOLMES STYLE WHATEVER REMAINS that he may indeed be an immortal , an eternal champion in the bondverse

but what is in-yr-face abt it is following it up w a shaving scn

one that directly mirrors on multiple levels the one in HELLBOY

on top of ALL the many death-by-water invocations

& then combined w the retort “RESURRECTION” ???

deliberate or accidental IT IS A LINK TO TALE OF TWO CITIES which is yes there in all guillermos priors PART OF THE MONOMYTH allegories of resistance vs eternal empires

& in ATOTC , a resurrection man ? is a grave robber

aka always been another name for “archeologist” …

the indiana jones callbacks in SKYFALL arent a coincidence

so are any of the others - incl the mary renault / house of atreus ones - either ? ? ?


( one of only abt 700 that i spotted in my 1st SUPER DISTRACTED watch of the latest bond RED TRAIN AGAIN HELLO !?! the tennis match served across the Channel from scions of plantagenet HENRY V to the halls of asgard DETOUR AT WESTMINSTER explosions gratis on the house paid for by opium and gold of ophir )

& i have absolutely no doubts that i am the only pacific rim fan who watched skyfall now


also so much yes le carre

lol constant gardener / from the cold to mirror tinker tailor / drummer girl in LABERINTO

and this is how hadrians wall and not-all-roman gaul cross hemispheres to the east & w shores of the pacific


( ALSO SO MUCH ‘SUNSET’, CAPTAINS & KINGS DEPART but i had to come @ it the long way round - BREADCRUMBS LOL )


that is all

( 4 now )

Oh & oh & oh & ahahahah—-

So bronchitis + asthma + months of “food insecurity” cant b overcome in a week by sheer willpower - who knew?? lol

good (@ least better ) news, should b out of the spare br into a “room of her own ’ w in the week , no longer living out of suitcase w no certain privacy (fingers crossed!! ) tho still destitute & living on ( or off of dependnt on definition ) friends charity pro tem

still mulling over complex picspams of multiple films & wondering if — ok not rly wondering THAT , only if i gotta rewatch 2 refresh 4+ yr old recollex ( DO.NOT.WANT!!!) — blue superpowered humanoid is ANOTHER riposte 2 a certain comic book / movie by a certain whiny brit

meanwhile -sign of recuperatn- finally being well enf 2 stay awake late 2 watch a movie after all chores done , garden plots watered & animals fed ( no i am not being exploited do not worry it is just a sort of commune & also i wld not b right w myself if i wasnt helping out as much as i had strength 4 in rx 2 my rescue from hoth )

so i & cats are watching SKYFALL


& i keep stopping to laugh ( wo coughing ! california dreaming indeed )

bc i guess i am also the only pacific rim fan who has watched it too

along w HELLBOY 2 




& all the other GDT films PLUS all the other films i claim 2 have detected trace elements of


also why herc sling


or tennyson




Subway Sandwich Thighs: A Blight Upon Women’s Legs in Comics



Please, No More Subway-Sandwich Thighs!

I want to talk about a comic art convention I see from time to time that really gets up my nose.  Now, when I say convention, I mean an accepted technique or practice in the field rather than a gathering of gloriously enthusiastic nerds in costume.  In this instance, I am talking about a particular drawing shortcut that is accepted as “solid” and “professional” in the industry that I find teeth-grindingly lazy and bizarre.  I call it “Subway Sandwich Thighs”. As illustrated below:


As you can see, the thigh and the calf are sandwiched together, mid-air, without anything pressing against the underside of the calf to make it that way. Legs do not work that way, not even in bendy women. We cannot bend our legs and make them do that in mid-air. For that to happen, we need to put our weight on our bent legs, kneeling on the ground. It is the weight of our bodies that pushes the two parts of the legs together. Usually, the legs splay to the side, so that they aren’t pushed together too hard. We often sit on the side of our butts after about three or four minutes, cause that shit is uncomfortable.

As an experiment, go in front of a mirror, and try to bend your leg as much as you can, pressing your heel to your buttock. Do not use your hands to press the foot and buttock together – just check how close you can get naturally. If you’re a guy, I really want you to try this.

Now, stand there and imagine flying for more than ten minutes in that position. It fucking hurts, doesn’t it? It’s tight, it’s unnatural. It’s the sort of thing a dancer does for two seconds before leaping away into another pose. It is not a natural position to take.

I half-jokingly wonder if artists employ it because it evokes the mental imagery of a woman splaying on top of a man during intercourse, straddling him. It can display the buttocks in a pleasing way, and it also makes much of the crotch. But it’s the most ridiculous bloody drawing convention outside of the Rubber Spine thing, and I’d be more than happy if it died a quiet death.

Here are some gymnasts, naturally flexible people, bending their legs in the middle of routines. Notice their aren’t squishing the two halves of their legs together:



Here are some women kneeling. Just for reference for later corrections:




And now, some corrections:



Okay, enough of me picking on JSC.  Here’s the nitty gritty of the matter, and a hat-tip to stylistic choices:


Thanks to tumblr’s downscaling, the red text is: Leg too long, No pelvis all butt, heel goes where? and Where leg go? as well as “This looks odd but my body is really like this”.

The anatomy I’ve done isn’t perfect, but I think I illustrate my point.

The Anatomy of a Fuck Up:

So what’s happening here? Why are people making this mistake over and over? The reason is twofold.

One: Mistaken anatomy.

When these artists draw their stuff to arse-up, face-down, no-time-to-fart deadlines, they don’t have the leisure I do to stop and think about how a woman looks when doing these poses. So when they have to think about a woman flying mid-air, they think about a woman kneeling, rather than an actual woman with her leg in the air. They just transfer the kneeling leg position to the upright position, even though the human muscles, tendons and body mass DO NOT ALLOW for that to happen.  With kneeling positions, they just go ahead and trundle out the shortcuts they learnt earlier in the piece, without thought to how heels and butt-cracks work.

Two: It’s Not Important.

In most situations, accuracy of a woman’s anatomy is not important in a comic book or graphic novel. A female character must be alluring above all, so certain anatomically impossible conventions get the wave and are never fixed. Other people learn these “shortcuts” and that it’s okay to draw like that, and it keeps on happening. FOREVER.

I’m not saying don’t use sweeping lines for style.  I’m just saying let’s not have utterly ridiculous anatomy going on.  These women characters take up so little space already.  Draw them as the leg is supposed to look and suddenly they have legs and tendons and physical signs of strength.  I guess that isn’t sexy enough?

One of my favourite blogs highlights and explains something about how women are drawn in superhero comics that has bugged me for a while but I couldn’t put it into exact words.  Almost all of these pictures have also been on this blog before.  Artists do this with a lot of other stuff with women too, such as with breasts, where they create cleavage with clothing or poses where there should be none because their references are from pictures in a different context from what they’re drawing (and they seem to hate having characters wear bras).

—no i was not joking abt the flames being a west coast thing , heldensagen readers — the bw specimen is on a 1970s vintage rustbucket being sold @ a service station for 2k or best offer & idek if it is restorable BUT OMG NOSTALGIA TRIP for this 70s kid so i snapped a pic

but then the wheelbarrow is from a farmers market & obv quite new


also a rollie-pollie ( aka isopod ) just like i used to play w when i was little , trying to coax them to unroll & walk on my hands

& then the palm trees & mountains @ the end of the street

WHEN I WAS IN ROME I HAD HELLA & INEXPLICABLE DEJA VU / MASSIVE NOSTALGIA ATTACKS WHEN I HAD NEVER BEEN THERE which eventually figured out was remembering socal from when i was 3-5 yrs old

NOW I AM HAVING SIMULTANEOUS NOSTALGIA DEJA VU FOR ITALY AND (1970s) CALIFORNIA which shld not be possible but somehow is….

( will try for a real post tonight but still catching up on weeks of no proper sleep & also a head cold is not helping )

wheels down LAX midnight local time…


( not a plane logo i have seen irl before )

human & feline travellers retrieved successfully wo incident beyond missing checked bag on 1st go round of carousel — helpful stranger grabbed it for us tho cutting down on wait time

relocation to not exactly childhood home of fond memories but distance w / in 100s not 1000s of miles accomplished

changeover at Midway Chicago = terrifying & beautiful descent over strangest looking icefield i have ever seen in or out of pictures - hypnotically beautiful @ sunset

also need to find a cloud/wave formation expert to talk abt apparent crystallization patterns on macro / micro levels over great plns earlier

but right now just trying to figure out what ‘freedom’ means incl freedom to be out as bi in the Daylight World

& also recover from week of apartment clearing aka hell & my hands being so trashed from cardboard cuts & dryness that everything I touched this week incl keyboard has blood spots on it so posting will still be light for a short while longer

also appreciate the chance to reXP what i have ALWAYS found whilst travelling - that faith-in-humanity-revalidating of seeing thousands of human beings of every sort under SUPER stressful conditions either minding their own business or going out of their way to help other ppl find what they needed to get thru the sitch

my xp of travel — even where i spoke almost none of the local lang — has never been the rightwing phobics’ nightmare of postapoc free for all STRANGERS OMG THE HORROR & DANGER OF “THE MASSES” OF HUMANITY NOT CONTROLLED W MASSIVE RULES & RULE ENFORCERS but of this


& my first time flying southwest airlines was nowhere near the “awful cramped crowded” stories i heard from ppl who clearly were judging based on being much wealthier & used to far higher class transit than mass public transportation OR coach / steerage type accommodations

also fwiw midway is nowhere near as pretty or fancy as ohare but OMG it is easier to get arnd & it is a fine little airport imo much cozier if the word may be used of airports than logan or los angeles


Reboot the X-Films and put Lupita as Storm.

(via katjaobinger13)


so remembering that the great 1855 quake in japan gave the world kaiju via grassroots pop culture media versions of mythical monsters as vehicles for dialogue on the proper roles of government and its failures & internecine class warfare brought to light by cataclysm in which some manage to profit at the expense of others’ lives (x) (x) (x)

& in the hastily-suppressed-by-the-govt namazu-e cartoons the blame was ascribed to the god whose job it was to keep the giant quake-causing catfish under control being away on a business trip & his stand-in being asleep @ the wheel

the land’s guardian w the sword & shield-stone being supplanted by a god of merchants IS IN NO WAY A SATIRICAL COMMENTARY ON THE STATE OF MUNDANE AFFAIRS & POLITICS IN MORTAL REALMS NOPE NOTHING SUBVERSIVE HERE 

& hope for justice & renewal expressed in the great solar goddess who had been reduced to an imperial endorsement BREAKING FREE IN HER WHITE HORSE FORM to gallop in over all the earthly powers of corruption & exploitation & obstruction of aid to those smitten by the natural disaster


of course that didnt happen BUT EVEN SUGGESTING IT OUGHT TO WAS SOMETHING THAT HAD TO BE SHUT DOWN HARD & FAST BY THE GOVT bc we cant spend any time or money trying to fix things BUT WE SURE CAN SPEND TIME & MONEY & ENERGY SHUTTING UP PPL WHO POINT OUT THAT WE ARENT DOING OUR JOB — & havent been for a very long time to let things get this bad , either ! !


just keep all this in mind as possible connective strands providing paths between getting from Aurora the wise warrior-child of CRONOS to Mako the princess-who-returns in PACIFIC RIM via the desolate dried-out stubble fields of DEVIL’S BACKBONE & a rosy-fingered warrior-Miranda foiling her sorcerer-father’s plans of returned Imperium in the MIthraic catacombs of an alternate Prague of BLADE 2 and the prophecies defied in the HELLBOY duology along with the very idea of a separation of realms and times—

because the setting-up of the Shatterdome as a hallowed Mirrorverse of the Homes of the False Heart in HELLBOY 2 & PAN’S LABYRINTH & BACKBONE is almost as blatant as the positioning of Princess Nuala as a blue-gowned Belle-who-is-the-true-Beast in the Library in HELLBOY 2

& almost as blatant as the hallowed tarot-reversal of the stepfather-stepdaughter relationship from LABERINTO — which last is what opened my eyes to the existence of the web of connections that meant — among many many other things — that the blatant reference to DR STRANGELOVE in the final battle (x) wasnt a casual or throwaway invocation @ all—


but while ive been able to find appropriate mythic precedents for all kinds of invocations in PR & guillermo’s previous films — & likewise w more digging appropriate fannish genre precedents either homaged OR tarot-reversed OR BOTH that explain how the horrifying muddle of the original script got reconfigured into ALL THE FIXFICS EVER


El Dorado revisioned, becomes the Blue Lion destroys the gold-coded Place of Sacrifice—

i still hadnt found anything like the DR STRANGELOVE or LOEG: CENTURY links hotwiring Olympian mythology to the PPDC via Royallist Spain bc Hapsburgs bc Tudors bc Plantagenets on the one hand & via the Raj on the other bc MOBILIS IN MOBILE, that provided a direct linear — instead of an oblique / resonant — connection from Mako-the-passively-aggressive anime girlprize for Action-Stu to rescue from either her family’s “Osaka penthouse” or her glass coffin, to either MAKO AS AVENGING ARCHANGEL or MAKO AS AMATERASU HIDING FROM HER JEALOUS BROTHER’S RAGE IN THE CAVE-THAT-IS-ALSO-HER-SHATTERED-HALL (to say nothing of MAKO AS ALL THE CHTHONIC & ASTRAL GUARDIAN GODDESSES FROM ALL PAST EMPIRES)

but V FOR VENDETTA ? explains ALL OF THAT plus the STAR WARS DARKFIC | FIXFIC aspects of both PL & PR

bc the movie of V FOR VENDETTA — in one of the several major & deserving-of-lauds changes the Wachowskis made to the Arch-Fedora’s grossly sexist original book —

Read More


Jason Jones talks to a Russian woman protesting against Russia’s anti-gay laws.

grandmother (& fangirl ! ! ) protesting for justice for future generations — this is where hope is real not sentiment

(via simply-sloth)

rl update

an old friend came thru w temporary shelter for human & feline DPs — under duress yes, but still came thru to their immense credit — and another, older friend is relocating us to their side of the country as soon as the practical details can be arranged

so a week or so of uncertainty & logistics hell and then some new normal —which cannot be worse than the old normal, albeit loathe to entertain hope after so many losses —

but at least not another blighted spring in a blighted city that has taken three decades of my life, a city that only takes and takes and wonders why all the young who can afford it flee, generation after generation— and no more of a place where “ice-out” is a verb, a caution, and a moveable feast—!!!

so there’s that, and i will continue posting as I can — V FOR VENDETTA is where the phoenix imagery comes from, and the masks, and the stealing-back of the trains in equal part with LOEG:Century’s wanton destruction of the Hogwart’s Express — because it’s where the blown-up train in LABERINTO comes from, along with the not-cartoonish (tho the ignorant think it so) presentation of the glamour and dread of historic fascism alike, the glittering of sacred golden eagles over alchemical thunderbolts (aka “bullets”) and the locked granaries together — things that neither Alan Moore nor the Wachowskis know anything of, save as tourists & voyeurs—

Well, the odds were not in my favor & I got turfed out so not sure when I will be able to post next, but will do my best, as ever—

Look, I’m glad ‘12 Years [A Slave]’ got made and it’s wonderful that people are seeing it and there is another view of what happened in America. But I’m not real sure why Steve McQueen wanted to tackle that particular sort of thing.

[‘Fruitvale Station’] explains things like the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the problems with stop and search, and is just more poignant. America is much more willing to acknowledge what happened in the past: ‘We freed the slaves! It’s all good!’ But to say: ‘We are still unnecessarily killing black men’ – let’s have a conversation about that.

Samuel L. Jackson (via artyartyhadaparty)

I think in light of 12 Years a Slave winning the Oscar for Best Picture, this needs to be remembered. Because it is a very important point in terms of the palatability of 12 Years a Slave and why Fruitvale Station didn’t even get nominated when it has such acclaim outside of the Oscar world.

(via artyartyhadaparty)

I agree that there are some palatability issues there, but in defense of 12 Years, a lot of the reason that people can’t admit what is happening today is because they won’ face the reality of the past. In my experience, it’s only when people fully accept the past that they are even able to make sense of the present…

(via commiphora)

both important points — history is “safe”, safely dead & past, and so can be made into stories told today — but history is NEVER dead, never past, and never over, and so the stories told with/about/via it are never safe either, whether they’re meant to reveal, or to cover reality with pretty paint.

That’s why the Church blacklisted Victor Hugo’s historical novels, & why Les Mis is still a live wire today, and YA dystopias are just another form of that — future history painting parables of things that can’t be safely expressed in the present — or that aren’t limited to the present, ANY present, because we’ve never confronted our pasts (and no nation larger than a village is free of the sins of conquest or internal oppression, there IS no golden age, no pastoral idyll, for any of us to get back to, be warned—)

(via wingedbeastie)

a little girl is shot in V for Vendetta & doesnt get reviewers’ notice

yes, V FOR VENDETTA is the crucial link in the chain binding Civil War era Spain to Star Wars — and Napoleon, and thus Goya, and London and not just Paris, and the web from THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE to alien suns under sea, under stone, past the Wood Between the Worlds by way of the guillotine is absolutely watertight—




and I definitely didn’t see it before, or I would have recognized a lot more of PAN’S LABYRINTH | EL LABERINTO DEL FAUNO when I saw it, and also before that would have understood just how harsh a satire of Hollywood there is in PACIFIC RIM —

well, not quite how harsh, because I hadn’t seen BLADE 2 either, & didn’t know how much the the Wachowskis had ripped off BLADE 1 for their breakout hit THE MATRIX, and how BLADE 2 was an overt calling-out of that and Hollywood’s racial image-making on top of the anti-imperialist arguments

but VENDETTA has visual after visual that don’t come from the comic books, and which either come from del Toro’s earlier work in B2, or are in turn echoed | mirror-reversed in LABERINTO — or in PACIFIC RIM

(I also would have recognized what spurred the oversized replica-of-real-artifact statuary that so irritated me in HELLBOY 2 the first time I saw it, because the Wachowskis & McTeigue did it first, making a famous, but small Cycladic figurine from the Met (x) into a free-standing statue, right along with actual-size replica Van Eycks (x) etc from London’s National Gallery)


This set very obviously borrows from this one —


and so one response results in this—except the earth mother known as the Venus of Willendorf & Sekhmet overthrowing enemy royalty are actually plot-related to the movie and the overarching-story-cycle both


I am very disappointed in the lack of visual acuity in science fiction & comics movie fandom, really — I don’t expect modern fanboys to get call-outs to 1930s movies (that weren’t themselves included in a big-name superhero movie) or Olympian mythology (at least where it isn’t being quoted in big-name fantasy movies)

—but when prominent movies, made in the same genre within the same decade, discussed endlessly on fansites when they come out, ping shots off each other — I do sort of expect some of the paid professionals doing the discussing at IGN and AICN to notice at least some of the quotes! (Especially when one of the directors tips us off in the DVD commentary track to one of the more notorious of them.)

It shouldn’t fall to me, off in art history and feminist fangirl land, to spot the STAR WARS quotes in all four movies, really—image





bc here is where the chalk in LABERINTO comes from —

imagealtho it is just fair play

imagesince VENDETTA stole this from B2


without understanding what the point of having the arch-villain halo’d by a clockface was

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