Cerulean Spork

inmy defense it is one of the most obscure bits of old wills work startin w the title & nobody knows what 2 make of it so it isnt taught much & thus not discussed much either

but it s abt how the love of the ( female ) phoenix for the male ) turtledove was the greatest & purest in th e universe & @ their funeral no bird s of prey allowed but the royal Eagle

also namin Swan & Raven as chief in the rites

PYRAMIDS also syncretizes persian & trojan wars

w modern warfare ( for a value of ‘modern” that incl von clausewitz , who i guess is no longer studied by warmongering politicians any more than sun tzu ….)


so discworld & ergo the del toro verse had thermopylae before frank millar started swiping from STARGATE to make his unhistorical machofied version of THE PERSIANS

except mary renault had it first w the YA LION IN THE GATEWAY

& renaults version of THE GOLDEN BOUGH has been part of british sf & english lang pop culture & the us teenage education system since the 1970s & WATERSHIP DOWN

& it is no coincidence that the nac mac feegles , like hobbits , are so often equated w rabbits

but i get ahead of myself

altho getting ahead of oneself is part of the monomyth

bc cyclicality & retcon & time loops are there from the start of the multiverse


& so is the royal assassin who is his own evil twin & saves the realm by parkour

which is how the bondverse reboot team got 007 as jamie lannister & moneypenny as the E-V & M as the red queen AND the sacrificial stag king in the scottish highlands too

& all of it a satirical retake on dame judis 1st outing as M

bc corn kings & king sacrifice & priestly substitution & tanists & GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING from the “good parts” story are there in PYRAMIDS

along w the frustrated romance btwn two heroes who turn out to be siblings of the DNA sort & this isnt wagner nor lensmen nor ancient times any more

so the bastard princess ends up , possibly , w the smuggler-who-Q-ships-pyrates

or poss , bc she is The Elizabeth as well , she chooses not to end up w anyone if she cannot have her 1st choice , we are never told —

& there is a long old linkage btwn discworld book fandom & the trodden stage

even if it isnt hardly known at all in the usa

so theres the likeliest line of alliance btwn sam mendes & kenneth branagh & sir terry , assuming it didnt go via comics 1st thru guillermo working on B2 which is also a likely ave of connection

but it is def there & all the mirroring of HB1 & 2 in SKYFALL are deliberate ( & even the name ”mallory” has a sergio leone /eastwood & thus a DEVILS BACKBONE cx as well as an alistair maclean-&-so-gregory-peck connex , before ralph fiennes played him as an allusion to SHARPES RIFLES & used the bulldog icon from MUMMY 3 as a symbol of the stasis of the old kingdom prevailing….

bc PYRAMIDS is as much abt the pointlessness of the english monarchy as it is abt religious hypocrisy faced w the realities of belief ( & includes in the process an overt shoutout to narnia & THE LAST BATTLE in the form of hat the vulture god )

& crocodiles as the embodiment of devouring time -& devouring theocracy too , bc PYRAMIDS sets up all the serves for SMALL GODS & the omnian quisition to come—

equally a shoutout to those twin pillars of english fantasy jm barrie & lewis carroll

& yet by INTERESTING TIMES & reconfirmed in LAST HERO we also have the crocodile-god as one of the wisest of the great gods of dunmanifestin-the elder god who has learned most from humanity , who hates sad endings & doesnt burden his worshippers unduly , staying popular by only anathemetizing the bitter….

its complicated & im sure im missing more of the pieces of the mosaic than ive got & some of them are in the wrong place , or upside down

but PACIFIC RIM-as-the-latest-in-a-series-of-discworld-fics-that-have-become-a-round-robin-@-some-point-before-2008/9-&-UNSEEN ACADEMICALS

makes all my greatest confusions into logical necessities by laws if narrative causality

oh & there are invisible trains in PYRAMIDS & INTERESTING TIMES

& engineers , & bridges

( yes i now know why sah ridley mocked HOGFATHER & the watch both in PROMETHEUS , & why his next own-goal is set in fantasy-myffic egypt — im not sure why he thinks its going to go better than his last bit of spellcasting , tho ! ! !)


yeah it is all there in PACIFIC RIM

bc it is all there in discworld

specifically it is allthere in PYRAMIDS

which is all one big DOCTOR WHO injoke from p1

so yeah

its nice knowing WHY i was right

even if it is surreal to be so thoroughly anti-jossed from both sides

& also worrying

for reasons i cant quite explain

that i figured it out backwards , by spotting the orig allusions via visuals


( which btw in PYRAMIDS feels very much like a NEVERENDING STORY shoutout )

& havin BOTH of those refs , & the whole scn & its imagery , BE the tsortean war -sorry siege of troy- ref itself

wounded achaian statue & priam @ hectors pyre , working backwards to the seers warnings heeded & the serpent of the hostile gods shattered

& just as there is the simultaneous paired refs of the laocoon grp statue plus one degree of idris elba as ruthless american general OH PLUS UNDEAD in 28 DAYS LATER / 28 WKS LATER

& all fans shld instantly go OH YES WHO IS THE OTHER MODERN FANTASY AUTHOR WHO SAYS DONT FEAR THE DEAD & MONSTER IS AS MONSTER DOES—THATS RIGHT - bc the two main ones these days ARE pratchett & del toro whose undead are as likely to be good - or neutrals minding their own business -as evil

so fans of one SHLD jump to the other as parallel creators

just on that alone

but there is more
bc THE WIRE fits in , bc the watch vs mister chrysoprase plot - only chrysoprase wised up & got out of the drugs business , so its young lord rust & his cronies who moved into It as of SNUFF

so yeah it locks in

& yes the game was bein played thru s5 of THE OFFICE at least by elba the way he sneaked in the clue that his GHOST RIDER 2 : SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE chara was an avatar of his persona in THOR & my conjectures how it fits as discworld au all make sense

& the jokey shoutout to THE WIRE in THE OFFICE arc stops bein just a giggle & becomes A Clue

( which per INTERESTING TIMES is yet another fave game of the gods )

but its in THE LAST HERO that we get the imagery of “boots w teeth”

everyone can see where guillermo went w that one now , right ???

& it was in PYRAMIDS that an egyptian kings unacknowledged daughter was syncretized w elizabeth regina just as ledas daughter is syncretized w that older queen of england who was daughter of france & mother of lions - whose own daughter was queen of spain , & also eleanor —

now i just need to find a single unequivocal WWI ref in discworld

altho the lilacs in NIGHT WATCH are probably that , which stand in for the red remembrance day poppies

that now today are flooding the moat of the white tower of the plantagenets that was a roman fortress first in ceramuc effigy of what they stood for in flanders 100 yrs ago

( lest we forget )

( or be lulled to sleep-of-conscience by poppy dreams of bygone glory from which the entrails have curiously been left out of the picture….)

altho the fact that they are LILACS i have finally realized is not only bc lilacs are a likely thing bein as they are a hardy common urban flower

but was all along a NAPOLEON OF NOTTING HILL ref by sir terry

who already brought both STAR WARS & TRANSFORMERS into the discworld multiverse lang syne

even b4 he made it TINTIN fanfic in FIFTH ELEPHANT w a KING OTTOKARS SCEPTRE homage

& makin sybil a bianca castiafiore alt who saves the day by singing of love

& truth

but “plastic toys that turn into other plastic toys” & a certain space opera involving a princess & a farm boy & a pair of smugglers was in GOOD OMENS

along w cold war espionage of a lecarrean style

& good guys ( which has zip to do w alignment on the nametags) doin disobedience for the greater good

which might be part of the GREATER plan , in the end

which is also out of the same chesterton story that gave us the “room like the inside of a bomb” imagery & the twins / rivals / siblings themes of HELLBOY 2

so its nice to finally understand why liz sherman is the preincarnation of elizabeth swan

& why raleigh becket chatters all the time & isnt selfconscious abt showing (more than ) a little skin

& why charlie h called rinko an “assassin’ after she knocked him down in the b-roll footage
( that was a clue too , for them wha had een tae see—)

so sergio leone did a movie abt the IRA & the mexican revolution

which is how jack ryan & the redhaired musical warrior doctor & her bold daughter & all their various doppelgangers got tangled into the mythos from the start , incl but not limited to richard sharpe & patrick harper & teresa moreno

but that isnt the all if it by long leagues

bc one of the stars of ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE REVOLUTION was rod steiger

who played the corsican emperor of france in that great russian WATERLOO i sometimes rant abt in the twists of this maze

against none but christopher plummer - & theres the trek connection going far back before it ever happened , b4 gates mcfadden played a redhaired doctor whose place was filled by anne archer as the badass lady fighting her doppelganger in a clash of empires in the sequel to RED OCTOBER

i saw the chain but not its first link -not being a westerns fan nor a film scholar nor critic

but i see how a n 18th c british supernatural novel abt italian nobles FITS into a GUERNICA-referencing story of the spanish civil war by a contemporary mexican dramatist now

i shld add that sam vimes has been

EXPLICITLY FRAMED as the exact opposite , as someone who consciously & knowingly & deliberately BC MORALITY rejects a certain model of violent masculinity in a more sophisticated modern style than that of conan , sorry — cohen — the barbarian , but which is @ heart NEARLY the same swaggering machismo ….only w that extra twist of sadism that as howard wld say only civilization can give

& that tension , between versions or models of what is civilization , is as much @ the heart of discworld as the tension btwn models of “manliness’ @ the heart of sam vimes chara , & the watch itself — sir terry playing as equivocally & wickedly & to the same purpose & effect as tolkien even if in mirror image , w the definition of the word w BE A MAN -JOIN THE WATCH = WATCHMEN

( 1 hobbit dude + 1 human princess on 1 horse = 0 “living men’ if yr overliteral enf to rely on prophecy for yr shield of +10 immunity to disintegration ; likewise everyone can be a watchman in ankh morpork whether human or ‘monster’ or machine — YES I SEE WHAT I DID THERE — no matter yr gender … )

so i have another adversary for team wall & the possibility that a LOT of discworld things that seemed like random jokes werent , ever — i realized on reread that FIFTH ELEPHANT leads directly to MONSTROUS REGIMENT in some key ways — and MR has the jeanne d’arc expy , which yeah luc bessons MESSENGER

so now i gotta watch both of em to see if besson is clearly on the side of team elitist vs humanist all the way back then , i cant trust my memory for beans

but anyways

leading into MONSTROUS REGIMENT w its multiplex satires of church & state & nationalism & militarism to the point of bankrupting its citizenry ( sun tzu wld NOT approve borogravia ) but following on the heels of YET ANOTHER restatement of the fact that sam vimes - no matter how tempted - is NOT & never will ( let self ) be

Dirty Harry

there is the moonshot apocalypse-averting via bleedng edge tech of LAST HERO

& now i suspect that its not just a bit of a takethat to ARMAGEDDON

we all remember that captain ironfounderson is very big on civic responsibility & the demand of the “heroes ” of bays film is to avoid all such forever as price of worldsaving

but also of a now forgotten but then splashy & def bellwether film called SPACE COWBOYS

an early entry in the “old action movie heroes clinging to their laurels ’ genre see also THE EXPENDABLES & idek what all else by now

anither thing to check into

but meanwhile i can see very clearly now the OTHER references in SNUFF -vimes as mirrorverse javert , sybil as a nascent class traitor via inept tricoteuse - & , @ the same time the syncretism of vimes-&-vetinari w nick fury

combined w a reference to UNFORGIVEN

following refs to THE ROOKIE & oc the obligate rejection of DIRTY HARRY as a model of manliness

( altho willikins is a kink-positive alfred it turns out tho ankh-morpork is a bit unclear on safe/sane there yet as in so many things )

but yes IMDB confirms that LUTHER is def part of the monomyth

& SOUL MUSIC explains why elba wld take the role of a motorcycling monastic in an otherwise wretched film

& yes my suspicion that he was playing a captain carrot expy in THE OFFICE as “charles miner” are abt 100 per confirmed now

bc for reasons indelicate but which ive already dealt w back when in my “RECESSIONAL” posts on my then suspicions of PR as a complex takethat to the raj

terry pratchett has yes indeed & in a not insignificant way coded captain ironfounderson as black even before he showed up on the page or in the city eternal

"You know what they say about dwarves…"

—in THE LAST HERO , sir terry set up the PETER PAN syncretism whose deducted presence in PANS LABYRINTH he then confirmed in SNUFF - bc there is the crocodile , on the banks of the alt mississippi , not to mention the counter to vidals seeking personal / familial immortality by begetting a son who will “carry on his legacy” as he was forced to

but ghengiz cohen rejects that too in LAST HERO - what matters is how yr remembered in stories & he hopes his kids live for themselves not for him - agn STRAIGHT DIOTIMA , STRAIGHT OUTTA PLATO

but in SNUFF pratchett sets that out plain , w old sam happy that young sam looks like he is going to be a scientist aka wizard when he grows up & nurturing that

instead of taking it as a rejection

but also that he HAS kids following in his footsteps careerwise

oodles of em

& the most recent a mixed-race rookie who has a lot to learn from him

but also teaching him a thing or 2

including karate

& as importantly reminding him that he can never ever slip & become dirty harry

even when he is disobeying orders bc the orders were wrong ones or bad ones

or being a vigilante bc there ARE no laws to appeal to then

but most important to not do evil in the name of the good cause

ppl carelessly call discworld satire & dont think WHAT OF? let alone remember that good satire famously punches up

& i note again that sah ridley coyly told idris elba to read MOBY DICK to prepare for his role in PROMETHEUS

remembering that 1 ) gregory peck played both captains ahab & hornblower 2 ) there are i think strong & deliberate parodic swipes from the HORNBLOWER movie in PROMETHEUS along w swipes @ HOGFATHER & the watch books along w the swipes @ HELLBOY & BLADE 2 & CRONOS ive pointed out

& 3 ) in NIGHT WATCH pratchett moved the eastwood /leone plot themes from the US civil war to the post waterloo civil unrest in england following the napoleonic war

just as del toro moved them to the spanish civil war

& 4 ) put an ahab-expy as a salvific figure & manifestation of his hekate-avatars lasting power in the world , in THE WEE FREE MEN

& in SNUFF both the witches & the feegles are present as are the decadent sparkly aristocratic louche young vampires -& thus the old count of the legends , who was hornblowrers doppelganger in the old movie recall —by the law of magic & lit called Synechdoche

bc it is rev oates & his doubleheaded cretan style ax of liberation who sets the plot in motion there

but he was first set in motion by granny weatherwax

& the witch books & the watch books came tog in I SHALL WEAR MIDNIGHT

& “own goal’ scott didnt realize what he had done , by mocking BLADE 2 & HELLBOY 2 in his ROBIN HOOD

& then w his arch little janek-vickers charade

but sir terry set up sam vimes as a fisher king without it being clear to any not looking for patterns of strata

that it was an answer to the MUMMY 3 makers / mockers ( reread of LAST HERO adds a bit of knifetwist to millar & goughs scavenging bc the barbarian heroes code is no grave robbing — temples & palaces & wealthy merchants - but never the dead )

& so the first kaiju drift flashback scene falls into place in the long game that isnt poker but might be football AM style , & the role of dogs in the mythos comes into sharper focus bc DOGS = OUR FIRST FRANKENSTEIN MONSTERS for real which pratchett explores repeatedly in the werewolf context

& in CRONOS the first ppl we see are guillermo & his wife walking their own dog as a bystander cameo , so that parallel was always there in their multiverse , whenever they synched them up

but there is something fitting in the first key for me starting to unlock it all bein the fact that idris elba was channeling gregory peck so perfectly that i got it right off , even if i didnt realize which movie was foremost in importance bein distracted by chronological trappings ( but TWELVE O’CLOCK HIGH is part of the weave so it wasnt wrong exactly … )



similar to how PPDC = SPQR only monoalphabetical & phonetic this time

( & the whole PPDC = ROME goes w the discworld & HK-as-AM thing , QED )



& yes im pretty sure now theyve been working on this shared multiverse since DEVILS BACKBONE / NIGHT WATCH

bc otherwise there is a MASSIVE coincidence involving a sergio leone movie w major elements —yet non-overlapping ones—that just HAPPEN to show up to overflowing in both works of fiction

it cld be the zeitgeist haunting i suppose

but i think it unlikely

i dont have the access right now to lay it out & i need to do some more starchart checking , i mean by that looking @ the timelines of publication & broadcast & all

but im pretty sure i know now why whedon decided out of nowhere -ahem!!- to make a space western w alt confeds as good guys instead of sticking w paranormal romance for his 3rd tv series outing

& no not innocent

& you shld be able to triangulate from NIGHT WATCH & esp ‘john keel” & ESPINAZO DEL DIABLO & what those 2 stories have in common by way of setting & charas

exactly WHICH sergio leone movie im talking abt

@ least if yr more of a film scholar or post-ww2 era film or western film buff than i am

but i dont think im imagining the patterns

not when i have so many non identical overlapping sets

& that means im not imagining / imposing the GUARDS! GUARDS! as anti-WATCHMEN fic either

bc if there are 2 things alan moore stands for , its elitism & despair

& if there are 2 things terry pratchett & guillermo del toro both stand for , that wld be a guarded hopefulness & a faith in ordinary humanity both of which come from a firm belief that the world IS worth saving , even if even the biggest damnedest heroes of all sometimes , or often , feel like chucking it all , running away , or yes burning it all to the ground themselves

i thnk i know exactly why & how & why WHEN both of them almos simultaneous made a classically influenced cryptic remake/fixfic of a western that was ultimately a “take that” to KILLING JOKE ,

& now im pretty sure that LABERINTO wasnt retconned into the same multiverse that holds great a’tuin

and it isnt a coincidence that it AND the 1st tiffany aching book share that darkfic cryptic remake of a cult classic movie based on the older kids book of the girl who wishes her brother to the fae

but the game of mirrors that reflect backwards & forwards is unbelievably complex & always in play

however the existence of it is not in doubt

bc INTERESTING TIMES w its yellow -which is after all heraldically gold—butterflies & benevolent AI -both of which lend cred 2 my claim its ROAD TO EL DORADO mirrorverse fixfic—

also bgins w the gameboard of the gods-which makes it instantly CLASH OF THE TITANS fic

& the game of the gods returns in 2001s LAST HERO , w Fate vs The Lady agn

& also is APOLLO 13 & RIGHT STUFF fic , plus COLD EQUATIONS hatefic -and ends w the old heroes of the pulps realizing theyre NOT the last , the heroic age isnt over after all

but the new heroes are a different sort is all - gentle & courteous & dutiful instead of impulsive violent jerks as of old

and in that tale—which id ttly forgotten— sir terry syncretized ALEXANDER THE GREAT & CHARLEMAGNE — in a story of a lunar landing —which makes it oh so much ORLANDO FURIOSO fanfic !!!, AND referenced an old & obscure story abt a spaniard who flew to the moon in a space chariot pulled by swans

yeah i cant even either

but this explains my ORLANDO FURIOSO by way of mirrorverse LOEG:CENTURY impressions

& now also raises the poss that moore deliberately wrote LOEG CENTURY as a “takethatbackatcha” to pratchett & del toro

altogether now

can we say OWN GOAL???

but the best part so far , another thing i d forgotten

not only is the agatean empire depicted in interesting times as a place where gold is as common as lead

which is NOT part of the traditional “easier route to asia” mythology EXCEPT in so far as it got there thru the accidental collision w intervening continents

& involving stories of lost cities & kingdoms collectively termed “el dorado’ aka “of gold “

thus making it as much a story of the americas as of imagined & historical asia alike

& giving a fanficcer all the warrant he cld ask for to (re) syncretize china & mexico in a story of resistance-to-endless-empire

involving sorcery & soothsayers & workingclass heroes w plain functional swords & battered armor

& the million-to-one chance

but in that book

which was from p1 ray harryhausen fanfic , long before the silver horde start arguing over whether cadmus got a mislabeled packet of seed-teeth BC IN THE MYTHS THEY ARENT SKELETON WARRIORS , THAT WAS HARRYHAUSENS ADDITION ! !

& so the alchemy of the awful protoscript , of which the few traces remaining in PR the play-on-screen are peculiar & telling —im highlighting them page by pg by degrees of fidelity , most are tag MIRROR-REVERSED — includes that meta connection to the horrible CLASH remake

& lol now i wonder if LONDON CALLING is actually part of it too & not something i added in , either , in my headcanon , but intuited subconsciously via that CLASH OF THE TITANS —> CLASH —> theme of failing harvests & floods & climate change & the little people getting told tough luck —> but somehow mysterious & heroic endurance—

but back on point INTERESTING TIMES has the Lady tellin Fate thefollowing



its def EL DORADO fixfic —& done w kenneth branaghs blessing!!

but while Fate may play the game by cheating , w 2 queens on the chessboard



( also OTACHI MK 1 w MK 2 included for bonus hell unleashing )

THE LAST HERO talks of how the gods forget what happens when you let a mere pawn get all the way up the board….

fans of the ALICE stories —as the creator of PANS LABYRINTH famously is —will not make that mistake

( VIVAT REGINA — the original ‘leveling up” )

Of course, books of magic developed a certain…personality, derived from all that power in their pages. That’s why it was unwise to go into the Library without a stick. And now Ponder had helped build an engine for studying magic. Wizards had always known that the act of observation changed the thing that was observed, and sometimes forgot that it also changed the observer, too.
He was beginning to suspect that Hex was redesigning itself.
And he’d just said “Thank you.” To a thing that looked like it had been made by a glassblower with hiccups.
He looked at the spell it had produced, hastily wrote it down and hurried out.
Hex clicked to itself in the now empty room. The thing that went “parp” went parp. The Unreal Time Clock ticked sideways.
There was a rattle in the output slot.
“Dont mention it. ++?????++ Out of Cheese Error. Redo From Start.”

Of course, books of magic developed a certain…personality, derived from all that power in their pages. That’s why it was unwise to go into the Library without a stick. And now Ponder had helped build an engine for studying magic. Wizards had always known that the act of observation changed the thing that was observed, and sometimes forgot that it also changed the observer, too.

He was beginning to suspect that Hex was redesigning itself.

And he’d just said “Thank you.” To a thing that looked like it had been made by a glassblower with hiccups.

He looked at the spell it had produced, hastily wrote it down and hurried out.

Hex clicked to itself in the now empty room. The thing that went “parp” went parp. The Unreal Time Clock ticked sideways.

There was a rattle in the output slot.

“Dont mention it. ++?????++ Out of Cheese Error. Redo From Start.”

i may actually have it all worked out by the time CRIMSON PEAK is showing

& then agn i despair —bc what good does it do , me or anyone , figuring it all out ?

"This is the butterfly of the storms—"


it is fixfic / fulfillment fic of INTERESTING TIMES

remember i identified the butterfly-shape of the mask as closest to a type of butterfly found in n & central america aka FRITILLARY back in sept last yr


& then tagged it to the butterflies gold & otherwise in the waite-rider-coleman tarot , esp those found on the thrones of the court of swords


which made me wonder if the gold points on striker eureka werent meant to emulate the gold pointing on the fritillaries pupal form ? ?





"See the wings, slightly more ragged than those of the common fritillary. In reality, thanks to the fractal nature of the universe, this means that those ragged edges are infinite—in the same way that the edge of any rugged coastline, when measured to the ultimate microscopic level, is infinitely long—or, if not infinite, then at least so close to it that Infinity can be seen on a clear day. And therefore, if their edges are infinitely long, the wings must logically be infinitely big.

They may look about the right size for a butterfly’s wings, but that’s only because human beings have always preferred common sense to logic.

The Quantum Weather Butterfly (Papilio tempestae) is an undistinguished yellow color, although the Mandelbrot patterns on the wings are of considerable interest. Its outstanding feature is its ability to create weather…”


its in WIZARD OF OZ of course which he has cited as a major influence on his work

but first there was the ‘green spectacles’ & deceptive decaying green & illusory gold of the poem “VERDE EMBELESO” by the 17th c lesbian poet known as “the phoenix of mexico” that i have ranted so much abt bc that same poem has the phrase “EYES IN MY HANDS” as a metaphor for skepticism , & bc del toro used her poem INCENDIO as a heartwrenching bit of dialogue in DEVILS BACKBONE | EL ESPINAZO DEL DIABLO along w a highly relevant chunk of tennysons IN MEMORIAM to be repeated in HELLBOY 2 : THE GOLDEN ARMY

which yes isnt just a “take that’ to the trend of carelessly transmitting the worst aspects of the old pulps as seen in comics & films & games , but specifically engages w THE MUMMY 3: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR

& now after finally rereadin INTERESTING TIMES long after i shld have, i realize that M3 was def stealin-wo-understanding from pratchett — looting , in fact , w a snickering giggle in their sleeves abt tomb robbing , bc everyone involved in writing & directing that movie is assholes

—its been noted here b4 that my major failing is overlooking the obv bc HEY ITS SO OBV , OBV NOBODY WLD GO THERE but then after putting the two & the two & the two of the vampires VAMPIRES YAH & the lamp of poison / FISH SHAPED LAMPS WE GOT EM & the fasces AXE & STICKS in FEET OF CLAY tog


& getting ( obv! ! ) 8 as a result

( 8 are the sides of the bagua , the mirror of divination on which the moon-toad sits , guarding gold —& this is not irrelevant either )

not only did i see where gough & millar got their plot elements of sacred jewels in temples combined w the resograph , i mean earthquake weathervane used as a magic gadget to raise a “red army” of terra cotta golems , i mean ghost soldiers , to be fought by ray harryhausens army of dragons-teeth warriors from JASON & THE ARGONAUTS which yes cohen & the rest of the silver horde discuss in INTERESTING TIMES

but i understood the HOW of how guillermo flipped everything abt via the magical handmirror & turned HK into AM

ok i was already gettin there bc “We own all your helmets, we own all your shoes” any more these days sounds like yes china rather than the west , except that the only bit of mass manufacturing weve held on to was our military stuffs in a rare bit of prudence-over-profit ( which has backfired from humanistic perspectives bc we are kinda stuck bein war merchants & profiteers now …)


or the axle of the wheel rather SEE ALSO THE TAO TEH CHING

but if twoflower is anglo-american in the film version then (obv ) ankh-morpork must be on the counterweight continent , QED

& i wrote off the sky1 adaptations back when the casting was announced so i had not even realized that jeremy irons AKA THE WICKED BROTHER in disneys HAMLET was vetinari in that COLOR OF MAGIC but there are all my meta links to BRIDESHEAD REVISITED and THE PROFESSIONAL | LEON confirmed via LION KING & jean reno voicing & thus RONIN & SHARPES RIFLES via so many degrees of sean bean

& yes sir terry is in on the game & has been for a long while now — @ least since UNSEEN ACADEMICALS

bc he set up the serves perfectly for PACIFIC RIM starting there w bioengineered monster supersoldiers who ‘reboot’ after bein killed

whose role as cannon fodder is proven via necromancy through a bit of skull from a battlefield , & magitech that is operated by a lawful evil (ish) wizard w a skull ring & his skeletal partner

trains have finally come in their roundworld form to the disc — but they were there earlier , in FIFTH ELEPHANT as a wagon train too

& in SNUFF there is a boat train

not only that there is a classic train-roof-chase-fight straight from a century of action films

but that is nothing

i reread SNUFF this past week too

there are SO MANY SPECIFIC THINGS THAT TIE INTO THE DEL TORO MONOMYTH and esp which bounce back & confirm PANS LABYRINTH | EL LABERINTO DEL FAUNO as NIGHT WATCH elseworlds darkfic but also lock into the bondverse / batverse / bprd-&-bladeverse connections - names , & functions , & heraldic symbols THE CROCODILE THE SCOTS (WANNABE) DRAGONRIDER THE LINKING OF THE OLD AMERICAN SLAVE TRADE & GENOCIDE W THE 20TH EUROPEAN GENOCIDE & SLAVE LABOR VIA TOBACCO



for obv reasons NIGHT WATCH w its themes of societal apathy to authoritarian wrongdoing , the militarization of the police , & eventual flareup to repeat the cycle again as victor hugo described so long ago , has been much heavily on my mind of late

but that isnt the only place nor the first place pratchett talked abt it


"This is where people have learned to do what they’re told…The Empire’s got something worse than whips all right. It’s got obedience. Whips in the soul. They obey anyone who tells them what to do. Freedom just means being told what to do by someone different…"




fyeah its a dark WATCH fic , just as it is a bright WATCHMEN fic —just as GUARDS! GUARDS! was a bright WATCHMEN fixfic , & so too is INTERESTING TIMES , agn w a too-clever ambitious junior faking an overwhelming enemy — dragon , or rebellion , or invasion — that turns out to be realer than planned—

bc there IS hope in LABERINTO , the lawless lawman realizing that he is defeated & choosing not to destroy the future w him , surrendering his son & accepting his own execution & so the possibility of a new world to come in time

& the ending scn , w his scarred face , the dread captain embodies that SAM-AS-BATMAN-AND-GORDON-BUT-ALSO-JOKER-AND-TWOFACE paradox that is the darkness within vimes which he fights & recognizes in his worst adversaries, which was strongly brought out w carcer in NIGHT WATCH & even moreso w the gleeful willing killer of the protofascist House of Rust

but the tying of vimes to the dangers of fascism isnt something that guillermo came up w & terry only retconned in OH HELLS NO

in FEET OF CLAY we are told that the coat of arms of old stoneface vimes —the ankh morpork incarnation of the regicide cromwell & there is yr stuart connection w prince nuadha as bonnie prince charlie in HELLBOY 2 —is a combo of grapevines ( close enf of a pun for heraldry ) & a marble bust for his nickname SEE ALSO : PALE MAN goes w the transformation of lord damaskinos to apparent marble and the dead king balor to crumbling literal stone

“But the King did not even get a trial.”

“No willing judge could be found,” said Vimes.

“Except you…that is, your ancestor…”

“Well? Someone had to do it. Some monsters should not walk under the living sky.”

Dragon found the page he had been looking for and turned the book around. “This was his escutcheon,” he said.

Vimes looked down at the familiar sign of the morpork owl perched on an ankh. It was atop a shield divided into four quarters, with a symbol in each quarter. “What’s this crown with a dagger through it?”

“Oh, a traditional symbol, ah-ha. Indicates his role as defender of the crown.”

“Really? And the bunch of rods with an axe in it?” He pointed.

“A fasces. Symbolizes that he is…was an officer of the law. And the axe was an interesting harbinger of things to come, yes? But axes, I’m afraid, solve nothing.”

Vimes stared at the third quarter. It contained a painting of what seemed to be a marble bust.

“Symbolizing his nickname, ‘Old Stoneface’,” said Dragon helpfully. “He asked that some reference be made. Sometimes heraldry is nothing more than the art of punning.”

“And this last one? A bunch of grapes? Bit of a boozer, was he?” said Vimes sourly.

but in SNUFF vimes himself becomes — temporarily — a king 

king over the water in fact

( which means that all my meta links & mirrorversions & conjectures are locking firmly into place & selfwelding like the links of the golden army control crown , bc not only do we get the stuart & thus tudor & plantagenet links to the del toro verse via discworld , but also that PR is a “take that’ to THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND too )

& yes sir terry has deliberately & overtly identified sam vimes w Death there , to the obv point that even the lspace wiki has noticed the parallels w REAPER MAN


in fact vimes IS the avatar of the bearer of the scythe WHICH IS ALSO AN ATTRIBUTE OF PAPA LEGBA who makes no other appearance in it & i m pretty sure that is the first time its true of a DW book —




Death isnt there in the 1st tiffany aching book either

tiffany aching , who guards the crossroads of timespace in her backyard

tiffany aching who must become a hive-mind demonic entity in her second quest , to save it  as much as the world

by teaching it mortality (also abt evolution )

and who must become (for a time) a goddess in her third ordeal , to teach the god of winter how to be human - which means dying as well , at least for a time

yes — the darkhaired darkeyed shepherdess cheesemaker BLESSED BE apprentice witch in the sensible boots & hardwearing blue who doesnt like smug blond princes who swan abt expecting everything handed to them just for showing up —


& INTERESTING TIMES flat out says that retcon is how myth works , @ least in the discworld universe — that the future changes the past , in cyclical history

& the first great agatean ruler , w the helmet-&-glove-&-boot controlled golem army , who unified the empire , whose name was ONE SUN MIRROR

is presented to us  via rincewind  as an ARTHURIAN figure  in an ensorcelled funeral boat on a hidden lake , a ruler quondam et futuram —et aeternam as well


& there is a little girl , a war orphan , in INTERESTING TIMES , who loses her stuffed rabbit — but is protected by valiant older sisters-by-found-family 

& there is a highly symbolic cute dog which is also a weapon

which yes fits into why BLUE hair to symbolize a spider , or an assassin ( & yes that is in SNUFF & in the process ties DISCWORLD to the MCU — and to australia yet agn , which along w valkyries & the venerable bede (x) appeared back in INTERESTING TIMES … . the history monks working overtime to keep it all aligned ! )

bc its not just any blue

it is very def a DELPHINIUM blue —& that is another tale for the telling & ties american atrocity & monsters to hapsburg ones in history , as surely as riverboat pilots & downriver to a city that is also paris just as much as ankh morpork ever was , but also thus as much new orleans as genua is

( this is another post of its own but i can tell you it is no coincidence that anguas 1st given name is what it is , nor the name that she chooses to go by , & it is connected to the jaeger armor design on which i have spent a fair amt of pixels discussing / speculating as well — bc the universal horror canon is as much part of the bedrock of the disc as the cthulhu mythos )

bc everything was discworld all along after all , & it is all laid out for us in the very first page of the book

which guillermo read far more attentively than any other of us fans of both authors —

This is where the gods play games with the lives of men, on a board which is at one and the same time a simple playing area and the whole world.

And Fate always wins.

Fate always wins. Most of the gods throw dice but Fate plays chess, and you don’t find out until too late that he’s been using two queens all along.

Fate wins. At least, so it is claimed. Whatever happens, they say afterwards, it must have been Fate.

Gods can take any form, but the one aspect of themselves they cannot change is their eyes, which show their nature. The eyes of Fate are hardly eyes at all—just dark holes into an infinity speckled with what may be stars or, there again, may be other things.

He blinked them, smiled at his fellow players in the smug way winners do just before they become winners, and said:
“I accuse the High Priest of the Green Robe in the library with the double-handed axe.”

And he won.

He beamed at them.

“No one likeh a poor winner,” grumbled Offler the Crocodile God, through his fangs.

“It seems that I am favoring myself today,” said Fate. “Anyone fancy something else?”

The gods shrugged.

“Mad Kings?” said Fate pleasantly. “Star-Crossed Lovers?”

“I think we’ve lost the rules for that one,” said Blind Io, chief of the gods.

“Or Tempest-Wrecked Mariners?”

“You always win,” said Io.

“Floods and Droughts?” said Fate. “That’s an easy one.”

A shadow fell across the gaming table. The gods looked up.

“Ah,” said Fate.

“Let a game begin,” said the Lady.

There was always an argument about whether the newcomer was a goddess at all. Certainly no one ever got anywhere by worshipping her, and she tended to turn up only where she was least expected, such as now. And people who trusted in her seldom survived. Any temples built to her would surely be struck by lightning. Better to juggle axes on a tightrope than say her name. Just call her the waitress in the Last Chance saloon.

She was generally referred to as the Lady, and her eyes were green; not as the eyes of humans are green, but emerald green from edge to edge. It was said to be her favorite color.

“Ah,” said Fate again. “And what game will it be?”

She sat down opposite him. The watching gods looked sidelong at one another. This looked interesting. These two were ancient enemies.

“How about…” she paused, “…Mighty Empires?”

“Oh, I hate that one,” said Offler, breaking the sudden silence. “Everyone dief at the end.”

“Yes,” said Fate, “I believe they do.” He nodded at the Lady, and in much the same voice as professional gamblers say “Aces high?” said, “The Fall of Great Houses? Destinies of Nations Hanging by a Thread?”

“Certainly,” she said.

“Oh, good.” Fate waved a hand across the board. The Discworld appeared.

“And where shall we play?” he said.

“The Counterweight Continent,” said the Lady. “Where five noble families have fought one another for centuries.”

“Really? Which families are these?” said Io. He had little involvement with individual humans. He generally looked after thunder and lightning, so from his point of view the only purpose of humanity was to get wet or, in occasional cases, charred.

“The Hongs, the Sungs, the Tangs, the McSweeneys and the Fangs.”

“Them? I didn’t know they were noble,” said Io.

“They’re all very rich and have had millions of people butchered or tortured to death merely for reasons of expediency and pride,” said the Lady.

The watching gods nodded solemnly. That was certainly noble behavior. That was exactly what they would have done.

“McFweeneyf?” said Offler.

“Very old established family,” said Fate.


“And they wrestle one another for the Empire,” said Fate. “Very good. Which will you be?”

The Lady looked at the history stretched out in front of them.

“The Hongs are the most powerful. Even as we speak, they have taken yet more cities,” she said. “I see they are fated to win.”

“So, no doubt, you’ll pick a weaker family.”

Fate waved his hand again. The playing pieces appeared, and started to move around the board as if they had a life of their own, which was of course the case.

“But,” he said, “we shall play without dice. I don’t trust you with dice. You throw them where I can’t see them. We will play with steel, and tactics, and politics, and war.”

The Lady nodded.

Fate looked across at his opponent.

“And your move?” he said.

She smiled. “I’ve already made it.”

He looked down. “But I don’t see your pieces on the board.”

“They’re not on the board yet,” she said.

She opened her hand.

There was something black and yellow on her palm. She blew on it, and it unfolded its wings.

It was a butterfly.

Fate always wins…

At least, when people stick to the rules.




( it goes w the whole kaiju-as-personifications-of-natural-disaster thing & global climate change … . )

asdfjkl; also SHIPWRECKED MARINERS STAR-CROSSED LOVERS MAD KINGS its all the freaking shakespeare themes tog when you incl the FALL OF MIGHTY EMPIRES argh ok & there is the ‘westerns’ theme slipped in there

later we will def get a discworld homage to DARK CRYSTAL & thats where the complicated chain that runs from lord hongs barking dog to the golden army-as-garthim to lord shens cannon in KFP2 to the failed drift test by way of a double-back to Torrecastro ( also no coincidence that SNUFF is full of jane austen refs as much as TEMERAIRE ones ) and IT ISNT A RANDOM HODGEPODGE OR MISHMASH OF SYMBOLS

bc what these bards are trying to tell us , all the travelling players of la resistance , is simply this




& thus the kite in the lightning to power the golems ( hang singly if we dont hang together ! ! ! )

but the story is the true weapon

as granny weatherwax knew all along , & tiffany aching figured out on her own , the narratives are the greatest weapons bc they motivate the armies no less than the mobs w the pitchforks

convince ppl that theyre not just cannon fodder regarded as interchangeable clones by their masters but ELITE SUPERSOLDIERS

or else convince them that freedom , & change , & a new universe 

are possible things

& worth fighting for

even if it SEEMS like a death

& means symbolically dying if yr identity is entirely wound up in yr past
but still that is better than literally dying in the revolution — oh & there is a bastille in INTERESTING TIMES too btw , back to DEVILS BACKBONE & the COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO no less than dickens — also a fave of sir terry no less than guillermo

also im pretty sure that ramin djawadi that other heretic wizard sneaked in a Variation on the HILL STREET BLUES theme in the opening chords of the main title & that is why the offcenter rest in the underlying beat has been driving me crazy long after i figured out THE INVISIBLE TRAINS in the soundtrack which HELL YES THEY ARE HUGE IN DISCWORLD but i cant even any more bc too much 

( how far can we push the barricades ? ? ? )

so was lupin wonse an alan moore expy all along??

bc ive worked out that in the del toro monomyth of multiverse / differing / legs of the trousers of time

which culminates to date in WATCHMEN VS THE WATCH aka PACIFIC RIM

& in which as stated in the DEVILS BACKBONE commentary similar initial letters in names indicates connection / similar ( tho mutable ) alignment

& in which an explicit DR STRANGELOVE fixfic things been goin on since HELLBOY (2004) & the use of vera lynns song

we get the explicit equation of captain vidal w group-captain mandrake in PANS LABYRINTH

no matter how different they seem in personality types on the surface

both loyal soldiers not given to questioning authority OR dominant charismatic leaders

tho lionel mandrake eventually resists - & lacks the barely controlled aggro of a vidal

or a vimes

& vidal is more in himself the clockwork prince such as vetinari - or adrian veidt - in his own realm , in relation to his own men

but in relation to his unseen master franco is definitely a vimes pursuing the kingdoms criminals for a puppet monarchy actually ruled by a false steward

which is coincidentally a temptation canon vimes was offered by fellow commoner secretary to the patrician wonse

& rejected

but is also the ongoing temptation / tension in his service as loyal oppo to the more aristocratic vetinari

to not question

to buy into the patricians pesssimism utterly

to try to “clean up” the city by brute force

& thereby make it genua under lily weatherwax

a false utopia kept outwardly happy by terror

bc the people arent worthy of anything else

& NEED to be kept in line by a secret police

a populace & a civilization made “strong” & purified by dragonfire

or fake alien squid

or a war

bc vidal | evil vimes as well as V & vader | mandrake | dr manhattan

to adrian veidt who is vetinari-as-wonse

& just as i think its hella interesting that both del toro & pratchett did retorts to THE KILLING JOKE w in a year of each other ( a sybil is an oracle no?)

tho not as interesting as the number of passages from discworld books i can illustrate w stills from del toro movies now

or the number of things in the more recent pratchett books that seem to be riffing off things in del toro movies

bc i can see why a series that tackles both theocracy & secular leftist attempts @ makin the perfect society by force wld appeal to gdt

& why video illos of said themes in myffic / fairy tale guise wld appeal to pratchett

but i also think it is hella interesting that GUARDS! GUARDS! was written less than 2 yrs after WATCHMEN finished

& alan moore is the only annointed high elder of the order of the golden fedora

who comes from the same cockbill street , dirty hands but lace curtains , backgrnd as sir terry & guillermo & sir kenneth , too—


if i had reread my entire DISCWORLD corpus as soon as i thought i recognized a certain young shepherdess-witch in her sensible boots  instead of relying on my memory & diving for pearls of recollected reference

i wld have understood a great deal much earlier

however i wldnt have known what i was looking AT let alone FOR wo makin the whole damn journey

however it wld have been easier had i done it sooner

when i still had my library unbroken-up

also easier access to a good many films

bc i just finally watched MUMMY 3 & guess what , there are a few missing bits & pcs of PACIFIC RIM that dont come from any other identified source but match up EXTREMELY congruently w M3 : TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR , which i hadnt guessed already ( along w those which i rightly did suspect )

not many but a few & some super important

also i know now that it wasnt SIMPLY chivalry or rather alliance btwn the barricades that team resistance supported rachel weisz by their cryptic bit of kayfabe abt OH YEAH IT WAS RLY GALLING TO HAVE TO PLAY AN OLDER GUY W AN ADULT SON lolol @ rob cohen for lyin abt weisz refusing to play along —& also @ ridley scott for takin cohens side in it w his MUMMY 1 cribs in PROMETHEUS & mocking bellos recasting

any more than it was an unprovoked act of satire to skewer M3 along w IJ4 in HELLBOY 2

bc it turns out that M3 is PACKED TO THE GILLS ( pun intended ) w ripoffs of del toros earlier films

CRONOS , BLADE 2 , PANS LABYRINTH & HELLBOY 1 are all cribbed in ways that are not @ all likely to be accidental or coincidental

& i dont think they were meant as homages or affectionate easter eggs either

this is partly internal stylistic evidence , & partly the meta

& part of the meta is the fact that the M3 screenwriters are SPIDER-MAN 2 & SMALLVILLEs alfred gough & miles millar —not to be confused w mark millar who afaik is no relation— who is a cambridge man

which is important

bc this means they are tied into fandom from way back — fyi & neither aspect of this is irrelevant — they ALSO worked w marti noxon of BUFFY / ANGEL writing on the screenplay for I AM NUMBER FOUR by “pittacus lore” aka james frey the notorious fabricator of a fictionalized “memoir”

but also miles millar bein a highly educated brit

no way he is ignorant of pratchett

so when there are a big pile of discworld ripoffs in a very tactless & thoughtless & missin-the-spirit-of-altogether way , in MUMMY 3 , it does not seem coincident- or accidental to me

& my own personal xp w the porosity of behind-the-scns professional access in fandom leads me to suspect that there was pre-production access by the M3 screenwriters to MAKING MONEY altho i am not 100 per sure of this

but there was hella behind the scns porosity the other way —& it may well have been thru rachel weisz aka mrs daniel craigs good offices— lettin del toro in on what little tricks millar & gough were up to , bc he beat them to it on HELLBOY 2 just like he did w IJ4 & the DARK CRYSTAL / CRYSTAL SKULL metaplay via (undoubtedly ) the aid of john hurt

bc the alliances are becoming more & more obvious now

& i dont pretend to understand them

but i do understand why luc besson accuses team shatterdome / team resistance , of violating omerta in his contribution to the arty-crime-drama trilogy by team wallbuilders aka ridley scott & michael bay

altho its hilarious & an own goal bc NOBODY else outside the film industry has figured it out , I MYSELF wldnt have figured it out if they hadnt gone & been so blatant abt flaunting their mirroring game — increasingly so

& the only critics who have come w/in sighting distance , have done so bc they have noticed weird similarities btwn scotts THE COUNSELOR & bessons THE FAMILY or wondered why scott was so blatantly ripping off the coens or wtf the deal w michael bays egregious weirdness in TF4 or the daddy issues in PROMETHEUS — all of these Clues to those of us w nasty suspicious minds to be sure


remember this is not the only fish symbolism in PACIFIC RIM bein but 1 out of 7 that i spotted

but its also you may recall not the only fish LAMP in del toros work either

there are a couple in the troll market in HB2 along w the QUO VADIS & minotaur & maxfield parrish-dulac fairy tale illustration homages

lamps “au poisson”

the homages to DISCWORLD in del toros monomyth started at least as far back as his fixes to goyers BLADE 2 script

& make no mistake they ARE homages , bc they say the same thing that pratchett is saying — NO FATE NO DESTINY NO DOOM OF BIRTH & HOW YOU ARE MADE TO DETERMINE WHAT YOU DESERVE IN LIFE




it is all there staring passersby in the face in FEET OF CLAY

which was a ROBOCOP fixfic as well as a FRANKENSTEIN fic aka THE MODERN PROMETHEUS

but which also contained a HOBBES LEVIATHAN reference

& a guy fawkes reference

along w the english civil war & french revolution references

& the expressed hope that there were better less bloody & more lasting ways of securing freedom than the old styles of uprising

FEET OF CLAY is also a vampire novel fwiw , along w bein I ROBOT fic

Vimes looked up at the entrance of the candle-factory. He could dimly see two cressets burning on either side of a shield.

“Look at that, will you?” he said. “Paint not dry and he flaunts the thing for all the world to see!”

“What’s dat, sir?” said Detritus.

“His damn’ coat of arms!” Detritus looked up.

“Why’s it got a lighted fish on it?” he said.

“In heraldry that’s a poisson,” said Vimes bitterly. “And it’s suppose to be a lamp.”

“A lamp made out of a poisson,” said Detritus. “Well, dere’s a fing.”

“At least it’s got the motto in proper language,” said Sergeant Colon. “Instead of all the old-fashioned stuff no one understands. ‘Art Brought Forth the Candle.’ That, Sergeant Detritus, is a pun, or play on words. ’Cos his name is Arthur, see.”

Vimes stood between the two sergeants and felt a hole open up in his head. “Damn!” he said. “Damn, damn, damn! He showed it to me! ‘Dumb plodder Vimes! He won’t notice!’ Oh, yes! And he was right!”

FEET OF CLAY you may also remember is abt the king-shaped hole in humanitys heart & the eagerness of the moneyed few to exploit the populaces desire for ‘strong’ leaders who touch the public sentiments PRINCES MADE TO ORDER , GOLDEN SCIONS W SHINY SWOREDS & SMILES THAT GO ‘TING’ , GUARANTEED NOT TO INTERFERE W THE STATUS QUO ! !

“And then I started thinking: who wants a king?

Well, nearly everyone. It’s built in. Kings make it better. Funny thing, isn’t it? Even those people who owe everything to him don’t like Vetinari. Ten years ago most of the guild leaders were just a bunch of thugs and now…well, they’re still a bunch of thugs, to tell the truth, but Vetinari’s given ’em the time and energy to decide they never needed him.

“And then young Carrot turns up with charisma writ all over him, and he’s got a sword and a birthmark and everyone gets a funny feeling and dozens of buggers start going through the records and say, ‘Hey, looks like the king’s come back.’ And then they watch him for a while and say, ‘Shit, he really is decent and honest and fair and just, just like in all the stories. Whoops! If this lad gets on the throne we could be in serious trouble! He might turn out to be one of them inconvenient kings from long ago who wanders around talking to the common people—’”

“You are in favor of the common people?” said Dragon mildly.

“The common people?” said Vimes. “They’re nothing special. They’re no different from the rich and powerful except they’ve got no money or power. But the law should be there to balance things up a bit. So I suppose I’ve got to be on their side.”

“A man married to the richest woman in the city?” Vimes shrugged.

“The Watchman’s helmet isn’t like a crown. Even when you take it off you’re still wearing it.”

…Vimes flourished the parchment.

“I looked and looked at it last night, and then I wound my sense of humor down ten notches and let it go out of focus and looked at the crest, the fish-shaped lamp. Lampe au poisson, it’s called. A sort of bilingual play on words, perhaps? ‘A lamp of poison?’ You’ve got to have a mind like old Detritus to spot that one. And Fred Colon wondered why you’d left the motto in modern Ankhian instead of putting it into the old language, and that made me wonder so I sat up with the dictionary and worked it out and, you know, it would have read ‘Ars Enixa Est Candelam. Ars Enixa.’ That must have really cheered you up. You’d said who did it and how it was done and gave it to the poor bugger to be proud of. It didn’t matter that no one else would spot it. It made you feel good. Because we ordinary mortals just aren’t as clever as you, are we?”

He shook his head. “Good grief, a coat of arms. Was that the bribe? Was that all it took?” Dragon slumped in his chair.

“And then I wondered what was in it for you,” continued Vimes. “Oh, there’s a lot of people involved, I expect, for the same old reasons. But you? Now, my wife breeds dragons. Out of interest, really. Is that what you do? A little hobby to allow the centuries to fly by? Or does blue blood taste sweeter? Y’know, I hope it was some reason like that. Some decent mad selfish one.”

—Feet of Clay, Terry Pratchett, 1996

sir terry has been calling bullshit on it for a very long time

& so has guillermo del toro —esp since there is a whole gang of annointed media princes busily promoting the idea of a strong , manly , & above all DESTINED hero , a CHOSEN ONE whose choices cannot be questioned bc HE IS SAVIN US FROM A WORSE FATE @ every turn of the dial or corner of the cineplex

but they are not alone

& i have all the cards in hand i need to chain SKYFALL in the monomyth as a deliberate act & link the 007 reboot team w team resistance , now , just as ive connected up lots & lots of team wallbuilders dots in the past w comics & textual & screencap mirroring — i just dont have enf hrs or a decent enf computer to let me do it fast or easy

but ive given everyone enf to go on their own by way of Clues , now

oh & heres another before i get more of the george orwell —> terry pratchett —> guillermo del toro words-&-pictures mapping done


Biology’s cruel joke goes something like this: As a teenage body goes through puberty, its circadian rhythm essentially shifts three hours backward. Suddenly, going to bed at nine or ten o’clock at night isn’t just a drag, but close to a biological impossibility. Studies of teenagers around the globe have found that adolescent brains do not start releasing melatonin until around eleven o’clock at night and keep pumping out the hormone well past sunrise. Adults, meanwhile, have little-to-no melatonin in their bodies when they wake up. With all that melatonin surging through their bloodstream, teenagers who are forced to be awake before eight in the morning are often barely alert and want nothing more than to give in to their body’s demands and fall back asleep. Because of the shift in their circadian rhythm, asking a teenager to perform well in a classroom during the early morning is like asking him or her to fly across the country and instantly adjust to the new time zone — and then do the same thing every night, for four years.

Sleep and the teenage brain (via explore-blog)

This is why you have every right to be tired.  

(via lookrainbows)

And, in defiance of every medical study on the subject that’s been run, they keep pushing the start time of high school earlier and earlier.

#child abuse #systematic child abuse

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I used to sleep through my first period class every morning. I’m really lucky that the year I had the most trouble staying awake, I was taking creative writing with a teacher I’d made friends with: she knew it was no reflection on her and I did extra projects to make up for it.

Still, shit ain’t right.

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My last year of school, because I was doing weekend sport, taking morning classes and had a train commute, I was getting up at 5:30 and 6:30 am six days a week. If I was lucky, I managed four or five hours of sleep a night. I have vivid memories - hell, I have diary entries - of getting into bed before 10pm, so tired I could barely function, and then just lying awake until 1, 2, 3am, crying as I counted down the sleep I’d lost and knowing I had to go to school anyway, even if I was exhausted to the point of feeling physically sick, because “I didn’t sleep well” wasn’t considered a valid reason to take a day off.

I was depressed and stressed for other reasons, but the insomnia nearly killed me. I slept on the train, I slept in class, I slept under library desks at lunch - the only day I could ever sleep in was Sunday, and if I spent it at home, then invariably, one or both of my parents would be in my room by 10am, telling me to wake up and use the day. Getting stupidly drunk at weekend parties became something I did on purpose, because blacking out meant deep, restful sleep, and I was so. fucking. tired. Like, I would reach a point in the evening where I knew I was drunk, and think to myself, But if I keep going, I’ll pass out. And so I’d keep going. And not only was that normal, it was a twisted form of self-care, and the only one available to me. 

Because when I told adults how tired I was, how little sleep I was getting, almost universally, their response was that it was my fault for staying up late in the first place. I was lazy for sleeping in; I had bad sleep habits; I just needed to go to bed earlier; I shouldn’t read in bed; I had to stop procrastinating, get my homework done earlier in the evening so I could get to sleep by nine, and it didn’t matter if I said, I’ve tried that, I go to bed early and I just lie awake for hours - it was still my fault for managing my time badly, because if I was really doing it properly, whatever ‘it’ was, then I wouldn’t have had a problem in the first place.

And I just. There is a fucking reason why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture. You want to know why so many teenagers are depressed and killing themselves, or contemplating suicide? On top of everything else they’re maybe dealing with - hormones, romance, bullying, school, uncertainty, family problems - ask them how much sleep they’re getting, and compare it with how much they should be getting. Because I guarantee, those numbers do not fucking match.        

(via fozmeadows)

(via fozmeadows)

also pretty sure PR not the 1st del tori discfic

upon NIGHT WATCH reread after long closed covers — i now think that captain vidal was deliberately written

as a lawful evil sir samuel vimes

bc there are lines that are almost word for word in LABERINTO

& themes that are echoed

or mirrored

bc in NIGHT WATCH pratchett added another continent to A-M

quickly so you all can work on figuring it out before i spell it out

in 2002 the game changed again on a profound level

bc in NIGHT WATCH sir terry did something — deliberately , consciously , & acknowledged in meta — that whether he intended it @ the time or not , wld have the effect of tying discworld into the CRONOS setting

bc he incorporated something that had the effect of adding yet another city to the gestalt of the ur-city that ankhmorpork stands for

it wasnt just london-plus-birmingham-plus-new-york-plus-washington-dc as it had been ever since well the beginning , what w the Oblong Office & the Big Wahooni overlaid on the thames & dickensian grime plus industrial revolution mills

or london-birmingham-nyc-dc-ROME as it had been since gen tacitus appeared in the setting

or london-birmingham-nyc-dc-rome-PARIS as it had been since MASKERADE

bc he did something that made it now ALSO & as much & deliberately so , now modern-day MEXICO CITY no less than more northern capitols w all their corruption & decency inextricably tangled

so yeah

pratchett went there first

tho either in honest accidental synching or bc he had admired another tale of magic & undeath & common humanity triumphing over golden lures of power

& then sah ridley went there latest in hostility & explicitly welded the three worlds tog onscreen & the rest is history , or possibly jography

i still dont know if PR is official authorized unofficial discworld fanfic

but given the video games & comics meta connections

given all the narrowed degrees of separation

& given the alliance of THEMES & standing up for the ordinary ppl bc somebody needs to & it sure as hell wont be gods & the aristocracy coming down from on high

i know where i bet my shillings


so i said there were 3 orwell references in this diorama that i cld spot

the first & namesake is on the two tins of tea :

pls note that i cannot make out the first name of the tea importers firm & have not yet been able to determine if its a real historic brand or not , google turning up no matches for an “and appleby” line from the 19th c on the steampunk / reenactment / collectibles fronts (x)

however the look of them is very authentic , the art style and colors are exactly in line w actual historic advertising & marketing materials from circa 1890 - 1910

& the symbolism of the adapted heraldry of great britain  is quite in keeping w a brand aspiring to be awarded the honor of a royal appointment — or tryin to make casual shoppers think they already had one , hah !

but while to the vast majority of viewers this will symbolize at first & likely also 2nd glance ALICE IN WONDERLAND & THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS bc  tea —> parties (x) + lion & unicorn “were fighting for the crown” (x) = lewis carroll by default

there is something else , an obscure but super important essay by orwell from 1941

ie in the height of the blitz , during the battle of britain , but before the US had been bombed by the axis

after he & his wife had got back from the debacle of the spanish civil war

& it is called THE LION & THE UNICORN (x)

& begins w bombs falling from airplanes

& is a discussion of britain as a society & a culture & a govt as well as a changing one faced w a choice of directions imposed by war ( agn )

& in it , in the course of talking abt british culture , the “the nice cup of tea” - a subject so dear to his heart he wrote a whole other essay after the war on the right way to make tea (x) called just that -

& also the english love of flowers

all of which we see above in the CRIMSON PEAK display along w a chatelaine , a ring of keys - the key bein a symbol that features significantly in guillermo del toros previous films , both DEVILS BACKBONE & PANS LABYRINTH in literal / traditional fashion , & in more arcane modes in the HELLBOY films & CRONOS —& in BLADE 2 as in PACIFIC RIM more futuristic ones , but a key is a key if it be a puzzle-piece of metal or wood or a carefully guarded number sequence , or the DNA sequence of a member of the royal blood

—the key also oc simultaneously a longtime symbol of christianity , used heraldically esp by the church of rome , being associated w st peter the gatekeeper of heaven  & equally of hekate the guardian of the crossroads of life & death , used in one of the most famous rites of that goddess long before christianity—

—one of the keys appears to have a skull finial altho the photo is not as high res as i wld like—

the moss-green doily under the tea service keys & morning paper bein significant @ least for its color as well as its floral symbols

but then there is the paper itself & upon closest examination i see that it does not say that LADY BEATRICE ALEXANDRA SHARPE ( ! ! ! ) was the victim , but that someone connected tp her by an “of” was slain in their bath

so the plot thickens

bc there is a ton of stuffs goin on uncovered via this orwell link

& mainly it hotwires directly to discworld

bc tell me if this does not speak muchly of ankh-morpork as described in those books ??

But here it is worth noting a minor English trait which is extremely well marked though not often commented on, and that is a love of flowers. This is one of the first things that one notices when one reaches England from abroad, especially if one is coming from southern Europe. Does it not contradict the English indifference to the arts? Not really, because it is found in people who have no aesthetic feelings whatever. What it does link up with, however, is another English characteristic which is so much a part of us that we barely notice it, and that is the addiction to hobbies and spare-time occupations, the privateness of English life. We are a nation of flower-lovers, but also a nation of stamp-collectors, pigeon-fanciers, amateur carpenters, coupon-snippers, darts-players, crossword-puzzle fans. All the culture that is most truly native centres round things which even when they are communal are not official - the pub, the football match, the back garden, the fireside and the ‘nice cup of tea’. The liberty of the individual is still believed in, almost as in the nineteenth century. But this has nothing to do with economic liberty, the right to exploit others for profit. It is the liberty to have a home of your own, to do what you like in your spare time, to choose your own amusements instead of having them chosen for you from above. The most hateful of all names in an English ear is Nosey Parker. It is obvious, of course, that even this purely private liberty is a lost cause. Like all other modern people, the English are in process of being numbered, labelled, conscripted, ‘co-ordinated’. But the pull of their impulses is in the other direction, and the kind of regimentation that can be imposed on them will be modified in consequence. No party rallies, no Youth Movements, no coloured shirts, no Jew-baiting or ‘spontaneous’ demonstrations. No Gestapo either, in all probability.

But in all societies the common people must live to some extent against the existing order. The genuinely popular culture of England is something that goes on beneath the surface, unofficially and more or less frowned on by the authorities. One thing one notices if one looks directly at the common people, especially in the big towns, is that they are not puritanical. They are inveterate gamblers, drink as much beer as their wages will permit, are devoted to bawdy jokes, and use probably the foulest language in the world. They have to satisfy these tastes in the face of astonishing, hypocritical laws (licensing laws, lottery acts, etc. etc.) which are designed to interfere with everybody but in practice allow everything to happen. Also, the common people are without definite religious belief, and have been so for centuries. The Anglican Church never had a real hold on them, it was simply a preserve of the landed gentry, and the Nonconformist sects only influenced minorities. And yet they have retained a deep tinge of Christian feeling, while almost forgetting the name of Christ. The power-worship which is the new religion of Europe, and which has infected the English intelligentsia, has never touched the common people.

beyond that but also bc that there is a great deal in this essay which is politically & socially relevant despite the changed times — esp the bit abt bein simultaneously exhorted to save for the war effort WHILE simultaneously exhorted to shop shop shop in the name of patriotism

something anyone who was a conscious adult i n 2002 will remember bein revolted by , or even just an alert teen of which there were many

even if there is a good deal i wld disagree w from my distant & hindsighted perspective , like for one i think orwell —yes , old george orwell himself ! ! is far more sentimental abt england & his countrymen than sir terry , esp when it comes to matters of war & empire & militarism

that ankh-morporkians happily ranting against “johnny klatchian” & “the cheese-eaters of quirm” are more true to the spirit of john bull & that eric blair is FAR too soft on the raj harsh on it tho he was in the light of his own experience in burma (x) & i think george monbiot cld have taught him a few things (x) or put them in better perspective @ least (x)  —& i do wonder if there isnt also some cryptic connection w luc besson makin his last big movie abt a burmese protestor

bc here is the kicker

i have been goin thru all the watch books now w a close reading & a watchful eye for symbols & references that i might have missed or thought just a joke before

& MONSTROUS REGIMENT is not the first SHARPES RIFLES fanfic pratchett did altho it is more obv

& the earlier SHARPE fanfic / fixfic is also his LES MIS fanfic / fixfic

but also a very grim BATMAN fic —grimmer than anything alan moore or frank miller dared dream up — is NIGHT WATCH indeed

bc carcer is an evil vimes doppelganger & thus the joker to vimes noir batman who operates on the very broken jagged edge of the law in this one , seeking out the dangerous answer WHAT IS THE LAW ?? IS ‘ORDER’ FOUND IN OBEYING ORDERS — OR IN FOLLOWING THE ESSENCE OF THAT LAWFULNESS??

but it was also a dark & prescient take on the current reality of the War on Some Nouns WHICH IS STILL GOING ON


& if there is any doubt that sam vimes is richard sharpe HE EVEN MAKES A NAME JOKE ON IT TO LORD RUST ! ! !

however in the course of all this collision of memes pratchett did something else huge

bc he took the timelords , that most english of inventions in entertainment , & turned them into the MI-5 of the bondverse , that other oh so english of entertainments

& made them both as unenglish as cld be TIMEBENDERS AHEAD OF TIME  & also lightly made them part of UNCLE bc entrance thru a clothes shop here in their 3rd outing

its a huge subversion & of both universes , bc the bondverse is all abt “ENGLAND PREVAILS” defending the neoraj of the angloamerican pax thru strength

& the timelords are all abt the status quo in the name of benevolent handsoffery but rly to protect their privilege until it all goes blooey - except for the erratic champion-but-also-tourist the doctor

& in pratchetts hands the order of the history monks is defending reality from exactly the sort of authority figures that orwell criticized in his praise of toads & hares (x)

I think that by retaining one’s childhood love of such things as trees, fishes, butterflies and - to return to my first instance - toads, one makes a peaceful and decent future a little more probable, and that by preaching the doctrine that nothing is to be admired except steel and concrete, one merely makes it a little surer that human beings will have no outlet for their surplus energy except in hatred and leader worship.(…) The atom bombs are piling up in the factories, the police are prowling through the cities, the lies are streaming from the loudspeakers, but the earth is still going round the sun, and neither the dictators nor the bureaucrats, deeply as they disapprove of the process, are able to prevent it.

but it was in FIFTH ELEPHANT that del toro found the key for makin the lost daughter & the unsaved child & the unwanted orphan ALL THE SAME SOLAR WOLF-CHAMPION FIGHTING THE ELDER GODS GENERATION AFTER GENERATION

& it is hella grim in its lead for the alchemy

bc there is a girl & a shoe in that tale as well but her story didnt have a happy ending

& also i know how it too is a bondverse fic by retconnection now

not just bc NIGHT WATCH made sam vimes into james that time round

but bc of yes PACIFIC RIM

oh & there are also evil & unredeemed versions of hermann & newt in NIGHT WATCH

even as discworlds hakeswill is defeated in it

bc this is not the SHARPE fanfic w the folksongs in it — no hagman & harris except on the barricades as the multitude ( see how they rise up … )

& as there are good ( or good-ish ) versions of them in UNSEEN ACADEMICALS

but that will have to go in another post bc rl stuff calls

but yes the great game they are playing has a point , the story isnt idle diversion @ least on the side of team resistance

& THE CAKE WAS ALWAYS A LIE — & orwells essay goes into that in quite some detail for its brevity